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Because of the current Coronavirus situation we cancelled a number of our weekends. However, we have had many of you asking about the possibility of doing some weekends by Zoom, so we gave it a go and it seemed to work very well. If you fancy having a go at this you'll need a computer, tablet or phone with a camera, plus a broadband connection so you can join in from home. I'll be the host and invite you to a meeting, you don't need to have a zoom account. The weekend will run from 10.00 - 5.00 on Saturday and 10.00 - 12.30ish on the Sunday. Sounds quite intensive but you will be given some time on your own during the day to try out some of the tunes or techniques discussed and of course have some lunch!! The fee for these weekends is £80, because you'll need to supply your own cake! Give us a shout of you want to have a go. To book in or to enquire just send me a message from the 'contact Ian' button above.

September 19/20 - ACCORDION - Advanced Accordion Weekend Now a Zoom Weekend

October 10/11 - MIXED INSTRUMENTS - Scottish Dance Band Music - Now a Zoom Weekend

December 5/6 - ACCORDION - Christmas Weekend - Now a Zoom Weekend

About the weekends

Advanced Accordion Weekend (Accordion)

An opportunity for the more advanced accordionists amongst you to play a bit faster, perhaps look at some advanced left hand patterns, discuss bellows techniques, the use of chords to enhance tunes etc. 

Scottish Dance Band Music Weekend - (Mixed Instruments)
This was originally the ceilidh weekend, but because of Covid it is now a focus on music from the Scottish Dance Band tradition. Jigs, Reels, Strathspeys, Waltzes, Polkas, 2/4 Marches etc.

Christmas Music Weekend - (Mixed Instruments)
 This weekend is just stupid! Mostly Christmas sing along fun!



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